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Our artisan soaps are completely natural, made with the highest grade of pure vegetable oils and butters making them very gentle on the skin.

Handmade soap also contains glycerine which is produced naturally during the soap making process. Glycerine is a humectant that attracts moisture from the air to the skin. It’s one of the things that make handmade soap so amazing, actually reversing dryness, itching and flaking.  Most commercial soaps do not have enough glycerine which is extracted/sold for other commercial uses.

All our soaps are especially formulated and individualised for different skin types and use. A very high percentage of olive oil and combinations with coconut, rice bran, avocado oils, cocoa and shea butters and other skin loving oils make our soaps exceptionally gentle and non-drying for the skin. In addition our unique range of milk soaps, both dairy and vegan varieties are extremely gentle, which makes them especially suitable for those with sensitive or irritated skin.

Since we want our products to be completely natural, our soaps are scented only with essential oils derived from plants and natural colorants like clay and plant derivatives. We also have a range of unscented soaps for those who are sensitive to any kind of scent.

  • Ingredients

    French Lavender: Olive oil, coconut oil, aqua, lye, lavender essential oil.

    Charcoal Calendula Face Bar: Olive oil, aqua, coconut oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, lye, jojoba oil, shea butter, activated charcoal, Lime & Tea tree essential oils, calendula extract, beeswax

    Patchouli Grapefruit: Olive oil, coconut oil, aqua, lye, patchouli & grapefruit essential oils, rose clay.

    Saffron Almond: Olive oil, coconut oil, almond milk, lye, vetiver essential oil, saffron.

    Turmeric and Sacred Basil: Olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, lye, ylang ylang essential oil, turmeric, gram flour, sacred basil extract.

    Goats Milk Tea Tree: Olive oil, coconut oil, goat’s milk, lye, tea tree essential oil, oatmeal, honey.

    Buttermilk Unscented: Olive oil, coconut oil, buttermilk, lye.

    Cleopatra Triple Milk: Olive oil, coconut oil, buttermilk, goat’s milk, coconut milk, lye, lemon eucalyptus essential oil.


  • What the ingredients do

    The specially chosen combination of oils and butters create a very moisturising bar due to the high glycerine content which acts as a humectant.

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