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About Us

Every venture has a story about how and why it was born. Ours had its germination when a sudden confrontation with breast cancer and the journey thereon brought about a profound shift in consciousness and made us evaluate our lives and how we treat our bodies. Meena Kumar and Seema Barooah, two friends, started Bodhi Tree in 2013.

Meena: 'Some years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one in my immediate family or close relatives had faced this illness and one of the questions I asked myself was - what did I do differently? Are there any links with the way I have lived to the illness? As I began my research into our lifestyle choices including the food that we eat, what we use on our skin among others, I was surprised and shocked at what the information revealed and decided to share it with others in a blog.


My greatest revelation was in finding out that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in it. Together with changes in lifestyle and food for our family, I threw out all skincare products which had ingredients listed that I could not understand or had known links to various illnesses and disorders, including cancer, infertility, early puberty and more.’

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The Journey

Seema, travelled with Meena on her cancer journey including sharing a lot of laughs while choosing a wig in preparation for the chemotherapy. Living through the experience with Meena, enthused Seema to join the quest for natural products. Many of their friends also started reconsidering their choices and began looking for alternative skin care products.

Years of research and testing on ourselves and friends resulted in Bodhi Tree Skin Care. Bodhi means enlighten and awaken.  It became an enlightened choice for us to develop natural products using only natural ingredients and essential oils.  We blend Ayurvedic knowledge and Australian botanicals and clays to develop unique, nourishing products that are effective and provide healthy options.


  • Quality: Providing our customers with natural skincare options

  • Value: Good value for money

  • Sustainability: Sustainable practices in sourcing ingredients and packaging

  • Community: Contribution to community through co-hosting Australia's Pink breakfast, contribution to cancer research

  • Joy: Having fun and living each day to the maximum

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