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Well Heeled Luxury Foot Scrub

Well Heeled Luxury Foot Scrub


Pamper and revive your feet with this decadent creamy scrub. Works well on hands roughened by the weather, age or simply hard work. It is scream – a scrub and cream together that nourishes and soothes out the tiredness of the day, ready to get your best feet forward. The lovely essential oil blend is an amazing treat to the senses. There is no need to moisturize after your scrub – simply rinse off and relax. Moisturising and exfoliating scrub for your feet with walnut shell powder and pumice powder with olive oil and cocoa butter.

Store below 24 degrees centigrade. As the foot scrub is impacted by temperature it cannot be sent by post in the summer months.

  • Ingredients

    Olive oil, cocoa butter, ground walnut shells and pumice, sea salt, patchouli and grapefruit essential oil, vitamin e.

  • What the ingredients do

    The creamy texture of the emulsion of olive oil and cocoa butter feeds the rougher skin of the heels as the sea salt, walnut shell and pumice powders buff away dead skin.

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