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Pore Cleansing Face Mask

Pore Cleansing Face Mask


This deep cleansing mask with activated charcoal is great for removing toxins from your pores to leave your skin looking fresh.  This mask is great for oily or acne prone skin.  Add water to create a paste and apply to your face avoiding the delicate eyes and mouth areas. Let the mask dry and then wash off for fresh and vibrant skin.

  • Ingredients

    Activated charcoal, neem, betonite clay, turmeric and orange essential oil

  • What the ingredients do

    Activated charcoal unclogs the pores by absorbing environmental polluntants, oil and dirt from the skin. 

    Neem works to reduce the ageing of your skin by toning it and removing blackheads. 

    Bentonite clay helps to remove toxins from the pores, allows the skin to heal and reduces inflamation.

    Turmeric reduces skin inflamation due to being high in antioxidants and slows down cell damage.

    Orange essential oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  It increases the ability to absorb vitamin c, collagen production and blood flow whch are all essential for anti-ageing.

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