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Milky Way Detox Bath Soak

Milky Way Detox Bath Soak


Rejuvenating milky bath soaks to soothe your muscles and renew your skin.


Pour 2-4 tablespoons in the bath while the water is running and then soak in rejuvenating, milky bath to soothe your muscles and renew your skin.

  • Ingredients

    Milky Way Detox Soak: powdered Coconut milk, natural magnesium sulphate salt, oatmeal, tapioca starch, lemongrass and lavender essential oils


  • What the ingredients do

    Magnesium is largely known as a muscle relaxant and Sulphate is a protein builder for your joints. Studies have shown that both Magnesium and Sulphate are easily absorbed through the skin. This makes soaking or floating and ideal way to boost your magnesium levels. It also helps to destress as Magnesium helps produce serotonin which is a mood elevating chemical. It relieves cramps and muscle soreness, decreases inflammation and the sulphate component of detoxes by drawing the heavy metals and toxins out of your body gently.

    Coconut milk is rich in skin loving fatty acids that hydrates the skin and balances its pH. Coconut milk nourishes the skin while soothing dry itchy skin, leaving it plumped up and glowing.

    Oat milk powder in the bath helps is a time-honoured cleanser. It relieves dry skin by acting as an emollient and holding moisture to the skin, helps to maintain the skin’s pH level. Oats' soothing qualities also help reduce itchiness and inflammation in certain skin conditions. Gently exfoliating the dead skin cells, it opens clogged pores and the high antioxidant content prevents cell damage.

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